We have an extensive range of carton sealing tapes available in a variety of materials including vinyl and polypropylene.

Sizes range from 19mm x 66M up to 75mm x 990M and is manufactured in various colours such as red, blue and green but the most general purpose colours include white, brown and clear.  It is available with Acrylic, Hotmelt and Solvent adhesive.

The following Poly tapes are available in Clear and Brown:

  • 19mm x 66M Plain & Tesa brands
  • 25mm x 66M Plain & Tesa brands                                                                                     
  • 48mm x 150M Acrylic Adhesive plain brands
  • 50mm x 66M Acrylic Adhesive Manuli brand, Hot Melt Manuli, 3M & Tesa brand, Solvent Tesa brands
  • 75mm x 66M Hot Melt Adhesive Manuli & Tesa brands
  • 48mm x 132M Hot Melt Adhesive Manuli & Tesa brands
  • 38mm x 990M Hot Melt Tesa brand
  • 48mm x 990M Hot Melt Manuli & Tesa brands, Solvent Tesa brand
  • 75mm x 990M Hot Melt Adhesive Tesa brand

Coloured Poly Tapes

Colours available are Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White & Black

  • 25mm x 66M
  • 48mm x 66M
  • 48mm x 990M
  • 75mm x 990M

Low Noise Poly Tapes

  • 48mm x 66M - Available in Brown/Clear and White
  • 48mm x 990M Available in White - reduced to clear

Vinyl Tapes

  • 9mm x 66M - Colours available are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & White
  • 12mm x 66M - Colours available are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & White
  • 25mm x 66M - Colours available are White, Red & Black
  • 48mm x 66M - Colours available are White, Clear, Brown, Red & Blue

2" x 66M Red on White Poly Tape - available with the print of "Fragile", "Caution", "Quarantine", "QC Hold", "QC Inspected", "Handle with care", "Handle with care - Glass" & "Reject".

Adjustable hand and desk dispensers all help to speed up the packing process. 

Personalised Printed Tape - With the printing facility for printed adhesive tapes you can choose your own design for the tape - ideal for advertising, promotions, product identification and marking items for security.