Masking Tape is a pressure sensitive tape made of thin paper and is available in several strengths. The strength of adhesive is key in this product as it allows the product to be removed without leaving residue. 

General purpose masking tape is the most popular today and used to mask off areas for decorative purposes.

Sizes range from 12mm to 100mm.

General Purpose Masking Tape

  • 12mm x 50M Plain brand
  • 19mm x 50M Tesa & NTS brands
  • 25mm x 50M Tesa, Nopi & Plain brands
  • 38mm x 50M Tesa, Nopi & Plain brands
  • 50mm x 50M Tesa, Nopi & Plain brands
  • 75mm x 50M Tesa & Plain brands
  • 100mm x 50M Plain brands

    Carton Gummed Tape
  • 50mm x 200M
  • 70mm x 100M Reinforced
  • Other sizes available upon request

Self Adhesive Brown Kraft Paper Tape

  • 50mm x 50M

Specialised types of masking tape are also available including

  • low tack masking tapes suitable for window frames etc
  • high temperature masking tape suitable for powder coating

Specific jobs for these products include masking printed circuit boards, aluminium, metal, plastics etc, under varying and testing condtions.