The Palletwrap world is constantly changing and we are always adapting our products for the better. We have changed some of our sizes recently and have replaced them with stronger alternatives and have kept the prices as low as ever. We have excellent offers on at present. Please contact our office for any enquiries.

Palletwrap (also known as stretchfilm) is used in pallet wrapping and storage operations to stabilise and hold loads together, but also used to keep products clean and dry.

Clear Cast Hand Palletwrap

  • 400mm x 600M x 7mn Pre-Stretch
  • 400mm x 250M x 10mn 
  • 400mm x 300M x 14mn High Performance
  • 400mm x 250M x 17mn
  • 400mm x 250M x 20mn
  • 500mm x 300M x 14mn High Performance
  • 500mm x 250M x 17mn
  • 500mm x 250M x 20mn
  • 500mm x 250M x 23mn
  • 500mm x 150M x 34mn

Black Cast Hand Palletwrap

  • 500mm x 200M x 20mn
  • 500mm x 200M x 23mn
  • 500mm x 200M x 25mn

Mini Rolls Cast Palletwrap

  • 4" x 150M x 15mn

Dispensers are available for both Mini Rolls and Hand Palletwrap in plastic as well as Metal Dispensers for the Hand Palletwrap.

Machine Length Palletwrap

  • 500mm x 1,385M x 23mn Manuli ATX 300% Power Stretch

This product greatly increases the amount of material by stretching the film on the machine which is excellent value for money. Savings of up to 50% can be made on pallets wrapped by machine compared to hand wrapped pallets. Please enquire for further details.


  • 500mm x 500M