We can offer a comprehensinve range of double sided tapes, high tac, low tac, fingerlift, semi-permanent, permament, easy tear or transfer.  Applications include carpet fitting, laminating, signwork, stereo mounting, splicing, posters, jointing and bonding etc.

General Purpose Tesa 64621 Double Sided Tape

  • 12mm x 50M
  • 19mm x 50M
  • 25mm x 50M
  • 38mm x 50M
  • 50mm x 50M

Dispensers for this product are also available.


An extensive range of self adhesive PVC tapes used mainly for electrical insulation and internal hazard warning or marking applications are also available. Sizes avaible are 19mm and 25mm -

  • 19mm x 20M - Colours available are Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Grey, Regal (Green/Yellow Striped), Yellow & Orange
  • Other sizes that are available upon request are 19mm x 33M, 25mm x 33M & 50mm x 33M


Waterproof Cloth Tape is a  general purpose tough, resilient, waterproof tape available in both silver and black with a wide range of uses such as fixing, repairing, carpet laying, cable securing and heavy duty box sealing.  This product is available in sizes ranging from 25mm to 100mm

  • 25mm x 50M - Stocked in Black, other colours available upon request
  • 50mm x 50M - Stocked in Silver & Black, other colours available upon request


PVC lane marking tape comes in a variety of colours and their durable qualities make them ideal for internal floor marking ie hospitals, factory floors and sports halls. A non adhesive version of hazard warning tape is also available.

Hazard Warning Tape - Colours available are Black/Yellow & Red/White

  • 50mm x 33M

Red/White Non-Adhesive BarrierTape

  • 70mm x 500M

Lane/Floor Marking Tape - Colours available are White, Red, Green, Yellow, Black & Blue

  • 50mm x 33M

**Social Distancing tape is now available from stock**

Other specialist adhesive tapes available include the following:

Crossweave Reinforced Tape

  • 19mm x 50M
  • 25mm x 50M
  • 48mm x 50M

Monofilament Tape

  • 12mm x 50M

Black Silage Tape

  • 75mm x 18M

Black Automotive Double Sided Foam Tape

  • 9mm x 0.8mm x 10M
  • 12mm x 0.8mm x 10M
  • 19mm x 0.8mm x 10M
  • 25mm x 0.8mm x 10M
  • 50mm x 0.8mm x 10M

Underground Tape

150mm x 365M

  • Electric Cable Below
  • Gas Main Below
  • Street Lighting Cable
  • Water Pipe Below

White PTFE Tape - suitable for use on pipes

  • 12mm x 12M

Aluminium Foil Tape with liner -40 degrees - +120 degrees

Class O Grade

  • 25mm x 45.7M x 30mn
  • 50mm x 45.7M x 30mn
  • 75mmx 45.7M x 30mn
  • 100mm x 45.7M x 30mn

19mm x 33M Kapton Tape - suitable for printed circuit boards

Double Sided Amber Butyl Tape - available upon request

Non-Adhesive Teflon Tape - available upon request

Anti-Slip Tapes - available upon request, sold singually

  • 50mm x 18.3M - Colours available Black, Yellow & Black/Yellow
  • 100mm x 18.3M - Colours available Black, Yellow & Black/Yellow

Velco Hook & Loop Tape

  • 50mm x 25M Black or White Self Adhesive

Linson Tape - suitable for book binding, available upon request

  • 38mm x 50M
  • 50mm x 50M
  • 75mm x 50M   

Self-Adhesive Brown Kraft Paper Tape

  • 50mm x 50M

Bitumen/Union Kraft Paper

  • 900mm x 100M 120 GSM

Carton Gummed Tape

  • 36mm x 200M
  • 50mm x 200M
  • 70mm x 200M
  • 96mm x 200M
  • Reinforced 70mm x 100M     

Orange Banding Tape

  • 19mm x 66M                                                   

Further details of these tapes can be requested on 02893352880