To ensure that pallets, packages and heavy or awkward consignments reach their destination in the condition in which they were despatched they may require strapping.

Available from 9mm-32mm in Polypropylene, Polyester, Steel and Corded. They make light work of the heaviest loads.

Polypropylene (Plastic) Strapping

  • 12mm x 0.9mm x 1,000M Heavy Duty - Black/Yellow - 300 Kilos Breaking Strength
  • 12mm x 0.55mm x 2,000M Standard  - White/Black - 135 Kilos Breaking Strength
  • 16mm x 0.8mm x 800M - 300 Kilos Breaking Strength - available in Black
  • 16mm x 1,000M  - available in White
  • 9mm x 0.55mm x 4,000M Cardboard Core
  • 9mm x 0.63mm x 4,000M Cardboard Core - available in White
  • 12mm x 0.55mm x 3,000M Cardboard Core - available in White
  • 12mm x 0.63mm x 3,000M Cardboard Core

Printed Strapping is also available.

    Green Embossed Polyester Strapping

    • 15.5mm x 0.85mm x 1,500M
    • 19mm x 1mm x 1,000M


    • 12mm x 32mm Heavy Duty Seals
    • 12mm x 25mm Short Seals
    • 12mm Serrated Seals
    • 12mm Metal Buckles
    • 12mm Plastic Buckles
    • 16mm Heavy Duty Seals
    • 16mm x 30mm Serrated "Safeguard" Seals
    • 16mm x 25mm Lapover "Safeguard" Seals
    • 16mm Metal Buckles
    • 19mm Serrated "Safeguard" Seals
    • 12mm SGP12 Sealer for Plastic Strapping
    • 16mm SGP16 Sealer for Plastic Strapping
    • TST30 Tensioner for 12mm & 16mm Plastic Strapping
    • Tensioner for 12-19mm Polyester Strapping
    • Mobile Trolley for 12mm & 16mm Plastic Reel Strapping
    • Mobile Trolley for Cardboard Core Strapping
    • Combination Tool

    Bailing Twine (Woven Cord Polyester Strap)

    • 9mm x 500M
    • 16mm x 600M Heavy Duty
    • 19mm x 600M

    Corded strapping (Bailing Twine) is used to secure waste materials in bailing machines or to secure drums and awkward palletised items. This is stocked in both 9mm and 16mm and is used with buckles.

    Ribbon Wound/Pancake Steel Strapping

    • 13.5mm x 330M ( x 20 Kilos) - 560 Kilos Breaking Strength
    • 16mm x 0.5mm x 395M - 850 Kilos Breaking Strength
    • 19mm x 0.5mm x 333M ( x 30 Kilos) - 850 Kilos Breaking Strength
    • 25mm x 237M

    Oscillated/Traverse 3 Tier

    • 19mm x 0.5mm x 700M ( x 50 Kilos)

    Steel Strapping is the strongest of all strapping and is recommended where high strength is necessary. Low elongation is important or where the product is extremely sharp.


    • 13.5mm "Safeguard" Lapover Seals
    • 16mm "Safeguard" Lapover Seals
    • 19mm "Safeguard" Lapover Seals
    • 25mm "Safeguard" Lapover Seals
    • 32mm "Safeguard" Lapover Seals
    • 19mm Stainless Steel Buckles
    • "Fromm" Tool (Heat sealing)
    • 13.5mm Sealer
    • 19mm Sealer
    • FP Tensioner for 13.5mm - 19mm Steel Strapping
    • Tensioner for 12-19mm Stainless Steel
    • SD32 Trolley for 13.5mm - 19mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping
    • HDMW60 Trolley for Oscillated Steel Strapping
    • Combination Tool for all sizes
    • Cutter up to 25mm